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Hi, I'm Matt. 

In 2016, I completed Cicerone Certification and went to Europe to continue my education in beer with the intention of studying classic regional beer styles.


A bottle of cider from Domaine Dupont derailed those plans.

Before that bottle, I had never tasted cider made from heritage apples with tannin, structure and complexity. The revelation led me to put my beer research on hold and travel to France to work with cider producers in Normandy and Brittany. During my time there, I realized what an abundance of unique cider apples were available in Europe.​

Since we desperately need apples like this in North America, I wondered if maybe everyone was just waiting for somebody like me to come along who understands fermentation as well as they understand customs procedures, regulatory compliance, and international transport logistics.

So, I started Heritage Apple Imports, which now supplies European apples to cider makers in Canada and the United States.

Matt Guterres

Heritage Apple Imports



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